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Welcome to ACTea

Canberra is a city with secrets.

A city of leafy vistas, where at any moment a lonely peace may be cracked by the sight of a Skywale looming in the sky.

A city where the milk is lime, antlers mean cheap drinks and sticky floors, and students vanish when the white fluff falls.

A city where you can make a pilgrimage to see a horse’s heart, climb a mountain and post a letter, or eat a Jackson Pollock painting.

But Canberra’s best secrets are revealed only to the patient, or to those with a guide who knows which alley doors lead to other worlds.

ACTea is your chaperone for Canberra’s arts scene: theatre, live music, dance, burlesque, drag... even dungeons & dragons.

If you want to discover the best Canberra has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

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